ACG Security Solutions provides, installs and services some of the best electronic security systems in today’s market.  We deal mostly with commercial systems. ACG Security Solutions goal is to provide services for commercial markets, not to obtain hundreds or thousands of accounts for monitoring. We are more focused on providing correct state of the art systems on a national / local level. ACG Security Solutions operates differently than most other security companies. Due to low overhead, we are more competitive then the major security companies. We send a highly skilled team from our home base in Atlanta, GA for a proper installation and training rather then using local subs. Most issues arise from improper wiring and installation.

Authorized dealer of:

Bosch CCTV
Safran Morpho-Sagem
Code Blue
Middle Atlantic


Commercial Security Systems – Data Centers/Lottery Facilities 24/7

ACG Security Solutions has exceptional experience in securing commercial, lottery and data center facilities. We have systems in many states that are monitored at the companies’ HQ location; mainly Access Control and CCTV. We work with the customer having multiple sites using a central SQL server with backup for a strong robust access control data base and RAID4 or 5 (will not lose video if a crash occurs) DVR’s, NVR’s and disk arrays with replaceable hard drives for video recording. We use a combination of proximity access card readers and Biometrics for total access control. In today’s market, bandwidth is costing less and IP solutions are becoming more popular. If multiple sites are part of the overall security plan, across the state or across the country, ACG Security Solutions will provide the best solutions keeping your budget in mind.

ACG Security Solutions is in touch with today’s technologies. We have recently installed several WAN based Biometric systems combined with Proximity card readers and IP based CCTV systems. We also are working on a national level with VideoIQ Analytics as well as FLIR and Sightlogixs Thermal Image Cameras.

ACG Security Solutions has been providing commercial security systems for small, medium to large organizations in Atlanta, GA and Nationally for over 10 years.

ACG Security Solutions will provide you with personalized support, rapid response and flexibility with your changing needs. Our goal is to treat you as our most valued customer and provide you with straight talk, straight answers, cost-effective implementation and complete follow-through on all promises and above all-service.