Perimeter Fence Protection and Fiber Solutions

AFL’s Fiber Security provides capable and cost effective perimeter intrusion detection solution for fence lines from ½ mile to 10 miles

Fiber Security, AFL’s fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system, enhances a security team’s ability to detect and respond to fence line intrusion events while reducing existing system and new construction costs. The system employs a fence-mounted fiber optic sensing cable for vibration detection and a central sensing device analyzes both the magnitude and pattern of the vibration signatures, resulting in a system that is:

Responsive: Low false positive rate due to noise generated by environmental factors

Reliable: High reliability for detection of intrusion events (extremely low frequency of false negative)

Accurate: +/-2.5% accuracy of intrusion event locations over continuous fence line lengths of up to 5 kilometers

Flexible: Stand-alone system or integrated with pan-tilt cameras and other technologies like infrared systems

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